BONE Conduction Devices are used in:

a) Conductive Hearing Losses 

   Physical reasons:

•Severe stenosis of ear channel
•Chronic middle ear drainage
•Allergic reaction to earmold materials
•After surgery of the middle ear

b) Mixed Hearing Losses

c) Single Sided Deafness

In bone conduction hearing systems, sound is generated in a miniature vibration receiver and transmitted directly through the skull as structure-borne sound, reaching the inner ear where it is converted into a nerve impulse. Compared to bone anchored hearing systems, transcutaneous systems are designed to use
the advantage of skin impedance, which results in „more“ sound signals as with the anchored aids. .

Bone Condution Devices can be used in:

a) Spectacles

b) HeadBands/HairBands 

c) Caps

Benefits over Bone Conduction Implants:

a) Surgery Free Solution

b) Integrated Telecoil

c) Flexible wearing options

Bone Conduction Hearing Aid