Our all the centers are fully equipped to do Hearing Diagnostics for all age groups.

Audiology Diagnostics:

To decide the most appropriate management for Hearing problems it is important that the diagnostic tests are performed by a qualified Audiologist in a properly set up environment.

At Super Quality all diagnostic hearing tests are performed by qualified MOH-certified Audiologists in an acoustically treated sound booth. The test results obtained will also be clearly explained to the patients.

A qualified and MOH-certified Audiologist assists to:

 * Obtain accurate information on the type and degree of hearing loss.

 * Ensure accurate pre and post-surgery hearing assessments.

 * To assist in selecting the most appropriate hearing devices such as hearing aids, bone conduction devices, or implantable hearing devices.

 * Provides appropriate fitting of the devices as per the individual needs and medical device guidelines.


PTA ( Pure Tone Audiometry)

FFA/BOA (Free Field Audiometry/Behavioural Observation Audiometry)

Speech Audiometry

​SPECIAL TESTS(SISI, TD..): SISI(Short Increment Sensitivity Index) and TD(Tone Decay) These tests are to identify the Cochlear and retro-Cochlear Pathology.

BERA (Air Conduction)(Screening, Chirp or Stacked):  Test to determine the integrity of Auditory nerve, Hearing loss, and severity in difficult-to-test populations. This test is also used to determine retro cochlear pathology, Auditory Neuropathy, Dys-synchrony & CAPD (central auditory processing Disorder)

BERA (Bone Conduction)(Brainstem Evoked Response Audiometry): This test is to determine the Hearing loss and severity in cases where the conduction of sound to the inner ear is affected i.e. due to middle ear pathology, incomplete formation of canal, fully closed canal (Atresia) & post burning cases where Air conduction test can’t be performed. It is also known as ABR or ERA.

Cortical Auditory Evoked Potential & aided Cortical Auditory Evoked Potential:   This test is to determine whether the amplification provided to the child is giving benefit the client or not. It tests whether a particular sound produces electrical activity at the brain level or not. It can be done through insert earphones, a Bone conduction Vibrator, and through Speakers for Hearing Aid users. This test is performed in the awake stage.

ASSR (Auditory Steady State Response Audiometry): This test is to determine Frequency Specific thresholds for difficult-to-test patients (Automated computerized Audiometry)

Aided ASSR: ​This test is to determine Aided thresholds i.e. Hearing Threshold after post-hearing aid fitting (Automated free field computerized Audiometry)

ECochG & VEMP (Electro Cochleography & Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential):  These tests are to check the Balance/Vestibular function of the Vestibular organ of Cochlea. This is useful in Diagnosing balancing disorder, Cochlear Hydrops, and Meniere’s cases and a tool to find possible reasons for vertigo and Dizziness.

DPOAE & TEOAE (Distortion & Transient product Oto Acoustic Emission): This test is to check if the outer hair cells in the cochlear are healthy or not. This is also used as an initial screening test for Hearing Loss.

Tinnitus Diagnostic & Management: This test is to identify the cause, Type, Severity, and possible management of the Tinnitus problem. In this, we follow a standard set of procedures based on which the management is done. In this, we provide the solution through Sound Therapy.

Corporate Associations: We provide training for Hearing Diagnostic, Vestibular Diagnostics, Hearing Conservation, and Noise control program to companies. We provide Noise Plugs and Noise Maskers to corporates.